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About Heart Lake Cosmetic Dermatology

Heart Lake Dermatology is a new, refreshed, innovative cosmetic and medical dermatology clinic located in the beautiful Heart Lake area of northern Brampton. We have been serving the dermatological needs of patients from all over the greater Toronto area and Ontario for over 10 years. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology offering a comprehensive range of advanced cosmetic treatments suitable for all skin types. These include lasers for resurfacing and body tightening, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair loss, botox and fillers, and surgical removals. We are highly specialized in mole, skin tag, keratosis removals and are often sought out by other physicians and their patients for our exceptional expertise in these procedures.

Our cosmetic director, Dr. Gupta, is a fellowship-trained, US & Canadian board-certified dermatologist who graduated from the University of Toronto, McGill and Harvard medical schools, and has over 15 years of hands-on experiences in the field.

Our philosophical approach involves 3 guiding principles:

Kind & Gentle Approach

Kindness is a great anaesthetic!

We understand that coming to a dermatology clinic can be embarrassing, intimidating, and sometimes just plain scary. We do our best to make your visit a pleasant one. Our approach is to treat our patients as we would our family members, with patience and support. We have years of experience handling all patient types (young, elderly, etc.) and are very adept in minimizing pain and discomforts associated with any of our treatments or removals.

Education & Communication

We believe that knowledge is power!

We always start by educating our patients as to the root cause of their cosmetic condition. We then discuss current treatments options as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. We pride ourselves in providing patients with honest, realistic expectations for the outcome. We do not believe in the “over-sell”. If something is not achievable, we will tell you. If we cannot improve it; we will not do it.

Safety & Quality

Patient safety is our number one priority!

There are no compromises here. We only offer treatments that are scientifically proven and evidence-based. We believe in structured treatment protocols based on published guidelines to ensure that we achieve optimal outcomes. We are not a spa or salon; we are a medical facility with an experienced board-certified dermatologist to oversee your complete aesthetic journey.