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Dark patches or dark stains on the skin, also referred to as hyperpigmentation is troubling for millions of patients. There are many treatments used to eliminate dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and to improve dull complexion.

 The vast majority of patients use lightening & brightening creams as a first-line treatment for dark patches because they are safe, readily available, and easy to use. 

Hydroquinone-based lightening creams have strongly come out of favour due to reports of toxicity and potential carcinogenesis (cancer-causing). Health Canada has taken many hydroquinone based OTC lightening products off the market.

 At Heart Lake Dermatology, we use an advanced lightening cream called Reinforced Depigmenting that was developed in France. Reinforced Depigmenting contains Vitamin C, peptides, glycolic acid, and the proprietary ingredient Pekaline but DOES NOT contain hydroquinone.  Its ingredients are mostly natural, and we recommend it be used for eight weeks at night time before going to sleep.  Our patients keep coming back asking for more.

Sun protection with sunscreens and sun avoidance is paramount and recommended to everyone to prevent further darkening of dark patches.
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