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Milia are small white bumps, symptomatic bumps that can develop on any are of the area of the skin.  They merely represent small cysts of the skin. Most commonly they occur on the face and chest. of adults but babies can also also develop milia Milia are completely harmless but often don’t go away by themselves.  People try to “pop” them out but they have a wall around them and this often doesnt work.  The safest way to get rid of milia is to have them manually extracted by a dermatologist.  At Heart Lake Cosmetic Dermatology, we have years of experience removing milia.The in-office procedure is easy, safe, effective and painless.

Cysts or epidermoid cysts are common lumps that develop in the skin form as a Most cysts grow slowly and are asymptomatic but they can become inflamed and even infected. Cysts can occur at any age, but are more common in young adulthood, and appear to be more common in men. The most commonly affected areas are the head and neck and trunk.

Cysts appear as firm, round, flesh-colored nodules of various sizes, often with a central punctum.

Patients come to our for a variety of reasons, including the cosmetic appearance of a lump on their body, the odiferous cheese/curd-like material which can be extruded, or because of discomfort associated with inflammation or infection. 

Epidermoid cysts require treatment only if symptomatic or if the patient wants it removed for cosmetic purposes. A tender, inflamed, uninfected cyst can be treated with an injection with  intralesional triamcinolone acetonide (Kenalog®). For  infected cysts, incision and drainage followed by antibiotics is suggested. 

The most definitive treatment for epidermal cysts is surgical excision

Trust your cyst removal procedure to your skin experts – board certified Dermatologists.