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Skin tags are also known as papilloma’s or fibroepithelial polyps. They are small fleshy outgrowths of the skin that can develop in ones ’20s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond. 

The precise cause of skin tags is unknown. They may be genetically programmed; however, they often develop in patients who have put on excessive weight. They can number from one to several hundred and can affect nearly any area of skin, although the neck, eyelids, underarms, and groin are the most common locations. They can become irritated, inflamed, infected, and sometimes cause pain. Skin tags can look different on different people. They often vary in size, shape, and colour. Skin tags are always benign and do not turn into skin cancer. Most patients request removal of skin tags due to irritation, and for cosmetic reasons.  

It is, however, essential that your dermatologist examine all your skin tags to make sure they are not something else. 

Heart Lake Dermatology offers the latest, most effective methods to remove skin tags with minimal discomfort. Our dermatologist, Dr. Gupta, specializes in the removal of skin tags, having performed thousands of procedures to date. Nearly all procedures are performed in-office with a local anesthetic to eliminate pain; stitches are not required.  

Skin tag removal can take 10-60 minutes, depending on the number to be removed. After the procedure, a topical antibiotic is usually applied to the areas twice a day for 5-7 days. Regular bathing regimens and routine daily activities are permitted, but swimming is not recommended for up to 72 hours. 

Trust your skin tag removal procedure to board-certified dermatologists.